loopchain has established a significant presence in Korea’s blockchain industry through actual applications in various communities such as banks, securities markets, universities and healthcare.

      loopchain will connect various communities to expand into new business areas.

    • Securities

      26 Korean securities firms launched the ‘Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium’ in 2016, the largest blockchain organization for a single industry.

      In Q4 2017, we have successfully launched the world’s first enterprise blockchain service ‘CHAIN ID’, and a shared security system for ID theft. Application of our technology to the clearing and settlements is due for 2018.

    • Insurance

      A consortium of top-tier insurance companies have launched an automated insurance claiming service using loopchain. This service allows the customer to easily claim their insurance without complicated procedures.

    • Banks

      ICON network’s bank community is currently developing a pre-paid digital payment system. It aims to implement digital account management, recharging/transfers, withdrawals, and digital-currency(DC) management system.

    • Universities

      U-coin is a first blockchain cryptocurrency platform used by major South Korean universities. Students can charge cryptocurrency using Smart Vending Machines that can be used for day-to-day payments and transfers at school.

    • Hospitals

      Precision Healthcare Information System (P-HIS) is an initiative to boost data integrity and bolster inter-hospital data exchanges among leading institutions in South Korean healthcare. A milestone in medical information management, the project will culminate with development of H-sign, a blockchain-based digital signature system.

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