ICON is working with influential blockchain partners ranging from :
    cryptocurrency focused venture capitalists, global accelerators, and crypto-focused law firms.


    • BIA

      'BIA(Blockchain Interoperability Alliance)' functions as a linkage between independent blockchain networks. ICON, AION, and Wanchain, as the leading parties in this alliance, have collaborated their efforts and have shared their research for a common goal of developing inter-operational standards for interchain network and protocol architectures.

    • icon.community

      icon.community is a strategic community of the ICON project, currently focused on the P-Rep election campaign. The community will collaborate with the ICON Foundation throughout the entire ICONSENSUS campaign.


      Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, cryptocurrency, and crypto assets.

    • Kenetic Capital

      Hong Kong-based investor in online and offline blockchain communities since 2014. Fosters growth of innovative blockchain business models.

    • Token-as-a-Service

      The last-generation tokenized closed-end fund actively contributing to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

    • Coinsilium

      Provides seed capital to developers of blockchain technology and fintech businesses. Coinsilium engages in partnerships with industry leaders in the smart contract and token space.

    • CM Crypto Capital

      CMCC is one of the leading blockchain focused investment funds with presence in Hong Kong and Toronto.


      Venture capital company that was established to provide hands on support and investment to entrepreneurs and innovators at all stages of their development from Start-up to an Initial Public Offering.

    • Hashed

      Network of South Korean blockchain industry professionals; partnership of engineers, investors, attorneys, and business developers. The group aims to place Korean businesses at the forefront of blockchain developments worldwide.


      CryptoBazar is one of the largest blockchain communties in Russian-speaking countries (top blockchain developers, largest events, industry media network, venture crypto fund investing in ICOs)

    • CertiK

      CertiK is a smart contract auditing firm with a patented technique to automate formal verification of smart contracts.

    • Portal Network

      Portal Network has been building Blockchain Name Service (BNS) standards governed by smart contracts in an effort to simplify the user experience on all smart contract supported chains.

    • Tribe

      Tribe is the first blochchain accelerator backed by Enterprise Singapore, the lead government agency responsible for developing the startup ecosystem and making Singapore a global hub for startups.

    • LayerX

      LayerX is a joint venture between news curation app, Gunosy, and advisory service, AnyPay. It is Japan’s leading blockchain company and provides blockchain related services, including integration for enterprise, smart contract audit, consulting and R&D.

    • MME

      Professional business advisory firm for Swiss legal and tax issues. Supports entry to and growth of foreign businesses in Switzerland. Consultants at MME are experts in developing time-efficient custom solutions to international investors.

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