Manage ICON with Ledger Nano S

What is a Ledger Nano S?

A Ledger Nano S is a light hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is a very secure and at the same time user friendly way to access your funds. It stores your cryptographic secrets (private keys) on the hardware wallet and isolates them from your computer or smartphone, which are easily hackable, in order to protect your funds. They are safe even when connected to an infected or malicious computer or a phishing/scam web page. If you're holding cryptocurrency worth more than a weeks salary we highly recommend to get a hardware wallet. It's worth it.

The Ledger Nano S supports the official ICON app which will be explained in this tutorial.

Before you start

- Initialized your Ledger Nano S
- Ledger Live ready to use.
- Updated your device to the latest firmware.
- Google Chrome / Chromium installed.

Install the ICONex Wallet

- Open Google Chrome.
- Go to the ICON wallet(ICONex) within the chrome web store.
- Click on the blue “Add to Chrome” button.
- The ICON wallet (ICONex) is now installed

Install the ICON App

1. Open the Manager in Ledger Live.
2. Connect and unlock your Ledger Nano S.
3. If asked, allow the manager on your device by pressing the right button.
4. Find ICON in the app catalog.
5. Click the Install button of the app.

- An installation window appears.
- Your device will display Processing...
- The app installation is confirmed.

Guide to Use Ledger Wallet on ICONex

Please find this link to manage and transfer ICX using Ledger Wallet on ICONex